Seth Godin talks a lot about this concept that fascinates me. The race to the bottom.

That means that you end up doing boring, meaningless work that will soon be done cheaper by someone in a remote part of the world, or will be done by robots or software and you will no longer be needed.

That was the norm for workers in production facilities around the world, and people outside factories, doing more complex jobs, felt safe.

But new trends are coming. The electric driver-less car will be a major disruption in so many ways. I’ll talk about most of them in a different article. But if you are a 30 years old driver today, it is highly unlikely that you will have a job by the time you are 45. Think about that.

Now think about your job, and try to anticipate what’s happening to your industry. Try and stay at the top of the innovation, keep the pace with new technologies or you might be very disappointed in 10/15 years’ time.

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