Most of us have a decent idea about how a car is working. The basics of a combustion engine, the fact that gas is flammable and this is what powers the car and the fact that the engine makes the wheels turn. But most of us have no idea how a plane that weights several tons can actually fly. But since avionics  are such a minor part of most of the people’s life, we’re fine with it.

Now, most of us have a pretty good idea how a book gets from the author into our hands, but many of the people around us have no idea how an app gathers and aggregates contextual data and gives you an amazing experience or delivers a great service. The problem is that the digital world already is in all aspects of our everyday life. And we can’t be fine not understanding the basics. This is why we must educate children (and many adults) to better understand the world around us, because judging by the rate it’s progressing, they will be out of touch with reality pretty soon.

Not only these people will find it difficult to create in this new world, but it will be difficult for them to find employment and that’s a burden that governments and societies can’t afford. So it’s up to us to do something.

I have implemented CoderDojo in my home town, an amazing program that teaches kids how to program, for free. Also, I am an organizer and facilitator for the Startup Weekend program, that is promoting entrepreneurship to people all over the world.

There are many more organizations that are involved in this, so join the movement and do your part. You’ll feel great and you’ll help create a better world.

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